Performance testing at the CzechTest conference

We’re superexcited to be giving presentation and tutorial on performance testing at this year’s CzechTest conference.

The CzechTest is a well-established 3-day international event in Prague hosting presentations and workshops from experts and professionals in the field of software and systems testing. This year, we’ll be on the stage to share our perf-testing experience.

Registration ends on 1st May!

Presentation: Performance testing and agile principles

Date: 19th May 2016  - EDIT: Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances the presentation had to be cancelled.

Zbyněk Hraše is going to share a story of how we got involved with performance testing in an agile environment of our team and transformed the gained knowledge and findings of enterprise–level performance demands into our own performance testing tool.

He will discuss testing methods from the performance point of view. Who and how can design, develop and execute performance tests and what are the assumptions and requirements for its evaluation. And how does it all fit into an agile mindset.

Presentation annotation at the CzechTest website.

Tutorial: Performance testing done better and faster

Date: 18th May 2016

Pavel Lukeš and Jan Verner will discuss criteria and objectives of performance tests and then go through many practical examples such as:

  • Creation of web performance test with external data
  • Performance test execution
  • Recommendations for interpreting results
  • Connecting performance tests to a test stack
  • How to prepare the acceptance criteria for a performance test
  • What are the typical cases of critical performance issues

Tutorial annotation at the CzechTest Website.

Are you attending? Hope to see you there. Is there anything you would particulary like to hear about in one of our talks? Let us know in the comments.

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