Performance Testing with Enterprise-Level Features using a familiar
jMeter interface

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Improve JMeter Load Testing

All JMeter tests can be launched in, allowing you to get more precise results and make their analysis easier through an automatically generated report.

Enhance the Power of Your Website

Only by testing the limits of your system can you discover your weakest points and assure sufficient performance without investing into new hardware.

Get the Right Tool at the Right Price

You can scrimp on cheap performance testing tools that won’t discover the real problems in your system, or spend an outrageous amount on a tool that is just simply too expensive, or you can choose, which offers advanced functions at very reasonable prices.

We Had the Same Problem

We lacked a performance testing tool that would reliably test heavy loads; that would put the system through thorough and in-depth testing and providing precise results without distortions. We also needed it to provide large enterprise-level functionality while being affordable for a smaller team. So we created

Key Functionality

Easy-to-Read One-Click Test Reports, Even for JMeter Tests

Customizable test reports are generated with a single click after the test is completed. You can also use your old JMeter test logs to create reports.

Learn Why Your Website Is Slow

Using integration with the dynaTrace system, tracks request paths in detail, which allows you to see what is actually happening inside the application even at the level of a virtual user.

An Open and Developer-Friendly API for All Tasks is written in Java and built so the addition of components is very simple, which means you'll be able to automate tests by adding your own plugins.

Work with Metrics During Tests

You can monitor tests in real-time; and if you forgot to add a metric at the beginning of the test, it can be added on the fly without starting the test over.

Don't Blindly Rely on Hardware and Monitor the Tested System can assure you that long reaction times are not caused by insufficient resources in the testing environment, but by inefficiencies in the tested system.

Run Tests Using Professional-Level Automated Correlation

Many frameworks use various dynamically generated values for security reasons, such as for logging in. Correlation allows for the automated use of these unique tokens in test scripts.

Our Satisfied Customers fits perfectly into my open source perf-stack

Radim Daniel Pánek SDET & Performance tester
More is the easiest way to test your development environment and production limits in only a few minutes.

Marek Ostry Founder - SynergyKit

When you need to load test using 10 000+ concurrent users, is the way to go.

Jan Horyna Head of Online Development - Fortuna Group
More is the tool of choice for load testing of highly secured banking servers infrastructure.

Martin Boura Test Manager - KBC IT