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Create test scenarios with ease

Use the embeded browser and get your test scenarios ready in just a few minutes.


JMeter load testing perfected

Get the features you always wanted in JMeter and retain 100 % JMeter compatibility.


Advanced load test reporting

Get automatic in-depth test reports for thorough performance tuning. You can even see live results during the test run.

We Had the Same Problem

We lacked a performance testing tool that would reliably test heavy loads; that would put the system through thorough and in-depth testing and providing precise results without distortions. We also needed it to provide large enterprise-level functionality while being affordable for a smaller team. So we created

Key Functionality

Easy-to-use test scenario recorder

Create test scenarios without hassle in an embeded browser.

Comprehensive test reports

Automatically generated advanced test reports with all details about the test and its results.

Continuous integration support & test acceptance criteria

Easily add performance testing into your continuous integration process.

Test environment monitoring

Make sure that long response times are not caused by insufficient resources in the test environment.

Real time test results on multiple monitors

Watch and interpret test results during the test in real time.

Distributed load testing

Create a large number of virtual users from different locations by installing generators on multiple machines.

Our Satisfied Customers is a core component within our non-functional testing framework

Stephen Bird Head of Testing and IT Quality Assurance, 4finance
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We have significantly increased the performance and reliability of our sports betting solution including live bets thanks to performance optimization.

David Riedl CTO, EASIT–online gaming solutions
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When you need to load test using 10 000+ concurrent users, is the way to go.

Jan Horyna Head of Online Development, Fortuna Group
Read more fits perfectly into my open source perf-stack

Daniel Panek SDET & Performance tester
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