Comprehensive test reports

Automatically generated test reports with all details about the test and its results containing:

  • graphs and statistical overview
  • evaluated acceptance criteria
  • trend analysis
  • graph comparation tool
  • test configuration
  • source .csv files for further analysis
  • see Example report
Comprehensive test reports
Easy-to-use test scenario recorder

Easy-to-use test scenario recorder

Create your test scenarios just by clicking in an embeded browser. There’s no proxy setup or browser plugin. Simply start and create your test scenario in just a few minutes.

Recorder features include:

  • automatic transactions and think times
  • mobile browser simulation
  • undo/redo
  • separating static and dynamic resources in requests
  • recording log with full details of HTTP request/responses

Distributed load testing

Install load generators on multiple machines to create a large number of virtual users from different locations.

  • once installed it is fully automated
  • included Data server, no more CSV files splitting
  • real-time results
  • fully automatic reports
  • automatic environment monitoring (CPU, RAM, HDD)
  • combine cloud and on-premise load generators
Distributed load testing
Continuous integration support & test acceptance criteria

Continuous integration support & test acceptance criteria

You can add acceptance criteria such as maximum response time, number of errors and desired throughput into your tests to automatically determine whether your test failed or passed. You can be therefore able to easily add performance testing into your continuous integration process.

Real time test results on multiple monitors

Watch and interpret test results during the test in real time. If you see any deviations, you can start searching in logs or hook up your favorite profiler right away to see where the bottlenecks are and properly tune the system’s performance.

And the best part? There is just a small performance overhead compared to running tests in Non-GUI mode!

Real time test results on multiple monitors
Combine load tests with Selenium

Combine load tests with Selenium

If you want to get extremely precise results on a limited number of virtual users it is possible to combine load tests created in with Selenium and execute it in real browsers.

Test environment monitoring

When response times jump it means there is probably something wrong in the tested system. includes resource monitoring so you can be sure that long response times are not caused by insufficient resources in the test environment.

Test environment monitoring

Other features

  • Dynatrace APM integration
  • Automatic back-up of results and test scripts
  • Easily shareable tests, test data and the tool itself
  • Support for converting automatic functional tests to performance tests
  • Automatic updates