Privacy Policy

  1. The Etnetera a.s. company, owner of the internet domain, garantees privacy of provided information. All the information managed by Etnetera a.s. is protected against its abuse.
  2. Personal information include first name, last name and e-mail adress.
  3. Personal information, as listed above, is collected in order to identify you as a user, to be able to send you technical news and other information concerning and to send you commercial information regarding Etnetera a.s. and Etnetera Group a.s..
  4. By registering at the internet domain you agree, that the Etntera a.s. company is allowed to give your personal information to third parties in order to send you commercial messages. These third parties include commercial messaging service providers, customer service providers and companies that are part of Etnetera Group a.s. Etnetera a.s. do not sell personal information.
  5. By registering at the internet domain you agree with following:
    • collecting and processing your personal information by Etnetera a.s. for the reasons listed in the point 3. This agreement can be withdrawn by registered user at any time for free (you may ask for your personal information to be removed partially or completely) at e-mail adress: customerservice(a)
    • receiving commercial messages at your email adress. You can unsubscribe from the recipients list at e-mail: customerservice(a)
    • giving your personal information in accordance with the point 4.

Registered user has a right to access personal information, to ask for its correction, completion, blocking and to ask Etnetera a.s. to clarify and remove their defected state for free at an e-mail adress customerservice(a) User will be informed about a following procedure at provided e-mail adress.

Personal information is stored in a secure database. Personal information wil be processed for an indefinite period. Personal information will be processed in digital format automatically or in print format nonautomatically.

Registered user agrees with storing cookies in browser.

Sending e-mail commercial messages:

  • By providing an e-mail adress you acknowledge, that you may withdraw your agreement with processing personal information or receiving commercial messages at any time for free. You may unsubscribe from newsletters (commercial messages) 
  • By providing an e-mail adress you agree with sending commercial messages to your e-mail adress.
  • By providing an e-mail adress you agree, that personal information administrator may provide personal information to third parties in order to send commercial messages. These parties are exlusively commercial messaging service providers.