How to Ensure Your Website Doesn't Crash

If you want to know how much traffic your website can handle, you're going to have to put it through its paces. And because you're probably not going to convince 10,000 people to log on to the site all at once, you're going to have to figure out a different way to test it.

What you need is load testing. Basically, it simulates situations where large numbers of visitors view your site, read articles, make purchases, etc., and you monitor how the system reacts.

A whole range of tools can be used for load testing, but there wasn't one on the market that could test extremely heavy loads without distortions at an affordable price. That's where comes in. will make it easy for you to convince those 10,000 visitors, albeit virtual, to visit your website. Not only that, but they will do exactly what you need them to effectively test your system, all while you watch and evaluate various metrics. At the end of the test, automatically generates a report showing any weak points in the system.

As the number of internet users grows, the amount of business done on the web grows with it, which is why it makes sense to ensure that your website doesn't crash. That's especially true if you expect your visitor numbers to grow because of a marketing campaign, or simply because of the Christmas shopping season.

Performance optimization will help you not only save the money you could lose in case of downtime, but it also prevents unnecessary investments into resources that may seem inevitable only because of poorly designed infrastructure.

Do you know how much your website can handle? Tell your provider to download for free and find out.

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