Why is SmartMeter.io used for banking infrastructure optimization in CSOB

SmartMeter.io is the tool of choice for performance optimization and measuring of complex and highly secured banking systems within ČSOB (KBC Group Czech Branch). It makes it possible to reliably test large loads from behind the firewall, get the results fast and customize for any use case.

Quick test recording and reporting

We are able to make a test script in a very short time and it takes virtually no effort to get a report as it is available automatically afer the test.

In another words it’s time effective and cuts costs.

Customization and automation

SmartMeter.io is written in Java and open to any customization or plugin. This allows for full test automation and processing complex cryptographic operations.

The typical test scenario is using one-time password (OTP) to login from mobile application using generated QR code. SmartMeter.io simulates the whole process for every single virtual user:

  • Scan the QR code from the page.
  • Make the cryptographic operation with gathered data.
  • Get the one-time password.
  • Login every single user in a test.

Can handle large loads reliably

Formerly used JMeter wasn’t sufficient for tests with greater loads. SmartMeter.io offers reliable results and makes it easy to set up a distributed load test using distributed architecture templates.

Portability across systems

There is no installation required so it is possible to run SmartMeter.io directly from servers inside infrastructure without internet connection. Those are the exact servers where the real load is created in the production environment. SmartMeter.io is platform independent and can run on Windows as well as Unix servers.

— Martin Boura, Test Manager - KBC IT

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