New release and updated pricing

Some exciting new things in Not only have we released version 1.3.0, there’s also an updated pricing and distribution of features across all versions.

To sum up what happened with the pricing:

  • You can now access all features in the free Light version (yes, even distributed load testing!)

  • If you decide to upgrade to higher version to access more virtual users, load test time, acceptance criteria and so on, you can do so by only updating the license file

  • We have discontinued the Developer version

See the full pricing table and comparison between individual versions.

What’s new in the 1.3.0 release

There are some brand new improvements in this latest release.

1) Acceptance criteria

Define acceptance criteria such as failed requests, response times, number of hits or system resource utilization and let to auto evaluate test results for you.

It is a must have for running performance tests as part of Continuos Integration.

2) Easy system resource utilization monitoring

Monitoring system resource utilization is an integral part of performance testing. bundles PerfMon Server Agent and automaticaly inserts the measured values as graphs to test report.

3) Sharing global configuration

Global configuration enables to share single configuration among many installations of can be configured to use shared tests, data, libraries and custom properties.

The advantage of this approach is easy maintenance and version updating, especially if installed on server.

4) Test configuration available in the report

No more speculation about how many virtual users were used to run the test. Information about how many users, ramp-up time and full load time is now part of each test report.

Test configuration available in the report

5) Auto updates

Update to new version with one-click.


  • Update to JMeter 3.1 (JMeter changelog)
  • Add links to documentation for SmartMeter (et@sm) components.
  • Append script name to report folder name

Update to 1.3.0

or watch update video guide

Would you like to know more about the new pricing? Let us know in the comments.

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