Brand New Test Scenario Recoder & JMeter 3.0

A new release of is out and among other things it brings two exciting new improvements we believe you’ll enjoy.

First of all, we have updated to JMeter 3.0, which is a major update to JMeter after 12 years! In case you missed it you can check all its great new features.

The second wonderful news is introduction of the new test scenario recorder. Its main idea is to make test recording as simple as possible.

load test recorder jmeter

Here are some key features of the New Recorder:

  • To make it extremely simple to use, there’s no proxy setup, no browser plugin, just start recording and get your test in just a few minutes!

  • Always included Recording log (full details of HTTP request/responses)

  • Automatic transactions and think times

  • Mobile devices simulation

  • Undo/Redo

If you want to see the new recorder in action you can watch this video:

There are also other improvements in this 1.2.0 release, such as:


Watch video guide on how to update

Of course, we might have missed something. In case you find a bug, please do not keep it to yourself. There is a free DEVELOPER license for anybody who helps us make better!

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