+ Dynatrace: Find Bottlenecks in Your System Faster, And With Less Effort

Load tests by themselves only measure, but they don't point out weak points. You don't know what's wrong after running a test. Only experienced testers, analysts, architects, or programmers can actually read the results, and oftentimes the test only shows that the system is slow. Further analysis takes too much time and usually more people. Would you like to simplify this process?

You need to see what's happening with individual requests to easily discover the weak points in a system, which is why is integrated with Dynatrace.

Dynatrace is a detailed monitoring system designed for large and deeply integrated applications. It uses agents that peer into an application's code and it can display and filter requests according to certain criteria, such as response and errors.

It can also show how a certain request traveled; how much time it spent where; and where errors were logged.

This type of monitoring goes beyond just simple load testing; but in combination the load tests repeatedly replicate system behavior while the detailed monitoring uncovers answers to questions about errors, reliability, and speed.

A Requests' Detailed Path at Your Fingertips

When you activate the Dynatrace integration in, every request will be sent according to given headers that include all the information necessary to discover:    

  • The type of test running     

  • Which virtual user created the request     

  • What function is being called     

  • Other important information

This allows you to see not only the content of responses, but also the PurePath – which is the identification of requests in Dynatrace. This means you can see in detail the passage of each request and compare individual test results.


Why's it Not Working All of a Sudden?”

So imagine that you're in charge of a large system and suddenly you're having problems because “something” just stopped working or started behaving strangely.

But what is that something? A test with Dynatrace integration activated can tell you what that something is. You can display information about slow requests or errors during the test itself and you can almost immediately start looking for a solution.


Ever Wonder How Many Frustrated Users There Are?

You can view a virtual user’s activity at their level, including information about requests that should have nothing to do with the given user and seem to be superfluous in the application.

You can also see how the system behaves differently for different users. Dynatrace can monitor requests from the moment you hit click in a browser. This shows how long a user actually waits, and you can see just how many frustrated users you have. Improving performance can then help in more positive conversions, increased returning users, etc.

Save time searching for the causes of errors in a system and download along with the Dynatrace integration for free!

Learn more about activating Dynatrace in a load test in the documentation.

You can also try free Dynatrace trial.