What’s new in SmartMeter.io 1.7.0

We are proud to announce that SmartMeter.io 1.7.0 was released a few days ago. This article briefly summarizes the most important changes.

SmartMeter now uses JMeter 4.0 which brings some nice new features. To name a few, there is a new Boundary Extractor (which SmartMeter has had from the very beginning), custom failure messages for Response assertions, UX improvements, new functions and much more. We also updated all JMeter plugins and the embedded JRE to guarantee the best performance and security.

JMeter 4.0 uses Darcula theme as default. In case you don’t like it, switch back in Options menu →  Look and Feel.

We cleaned up the code base and removed a few older things. The first thing to go was the old Chrome Script Recorder which has been superseded by his younger brother Electron Script Recorder (since 1.2.0). With the Chrome Script Recorder gone we also removed the portable Chrome and Chrome Driver.

MacOS users will need to use SmartMeter.sh instead of the original SmartMeter.command. We feel that shell script is a more common way for technical tools.

A few possibly breaking changes were introduced. They are all rather minor but you better check them in the official changelog. Look for CHANGE items.

Regarding new functionality, data for report are now also available in JSON format for further processing. We have improved the Trend Analysis page in report to be more organized and displayed overall averages. Web Driver Sampler was enhanced with a couple of nice features such as checking for JavaScript errors or HAR export.

And of course, bunch of bug fixes.

Happy testing!

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